This 3-Day Training Will Be Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced, Here’s Why:

You’ll spend 3-days together, WITH ME, going step-by-step through the process of cashing your first, or next, vacant house profit check in today’s real estate market!

This your chance to lock yourself in a room with a real estate investing veteran of over 23 years and his exceptional team as they train you on exactly what you need to do to cash your next real estate check in the fastest time possible!

This is not a sell-a-thon so there are no outside speakers, this is 3 days of training!

It’s 3 solid days of NO B.S., what works now, training. We’re setting the room classroom style, so we can really dig deep and get to work on your business.

The Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit Will be unlike any event you’ve ever attended. After these 3 solid days of fact filled, no B.S., reality based training your business will never be the same again.

  • We’ve invited a local closing agent to join us and discuss the marketplace. This will give you an unfair advantage like nothing else can (even if you don’t live locally the same principles apply across the country!)
  • We’ll talk in depth about the funding we provide and how you can use that funding on your next deal!
  • You’ll learn how to deal with banks in today’s marketplace and more importantly how to avoid their time wasting antics!
  • We’ll do multiple case studies, teach you how to understand the numbers in your real estate deals, talk about how much you should pay for deals, spend on rehabs and more!

I’m going to pay for you to attend. Normally, the tuition for this 3-day training is $2,997, but because you’re a part of my extended family (you wouldn’t be seeing this page otherwise) I’ve decided to waive your tuition today, which means you can attend and learn for the entire 3 days for free!

All I ask is that you put up a small seat deposit, (which of course you’ll get back when you attend,) so I know for sure that you’re coming and we can prepare for your arrival appropriately.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to spend 3 days on your business and leave with the tools you need to achieve your financial goals in 2016!

And for those looking for a little something special you can…

Attend as a VIP Guest and Receive:

Special access to front and center VIP seating during the entire event, so you can be right in the middle of the action.

Digital access to the recording of the entire event, so you can experience the most powerful sessions again, pass the training on to team members or business partners and be sure you never missed a second!

A special invitation to private networking party with myself, the other VIP guests and my team where we’ll network, bond, enjoy some food and drinks and have a fantastic time! Many VIP attendees have told me that this is the highlight of the event for them in the past and if you join us you’ll love it too!


Whether you attend as a VIP or not though, I’m going to put you in a very strong position to get your share of the current and continuing foreclosure bonanza going on right now. You’ll leave with confidence knowing how to capitalize on our changing marketplace, have the strategies and tools you need to start cashing more checks immediately.

The time to reserve your seat for the Vacant House & Foreclosure summit is now.

This event is strictly limited to a set number of people, and we’re doing it “classroom style,” not that squished in “theater style.” So, that means there will be tables to work on and room to spread out. The last time we held this training, we sold out weeks in advance and it will fill up again, so don’t wait. This is your fair warning - don’t wait and miss out.

Here's what others are saying:


Choose your reservation type below and lock in your seat today.

The Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit

June 17th-19th, 2016 | Chicago, IL

YES Cam! Because I’m a member of your “family,” I’m qualified and I can’t wait to attend your three day “Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit” for FREE*! I am going to learn how to find vacant houses in my area, how to identify and locate the best prospects, and how to pre-screen the deals. I’ll also learn how to locate hard to find owners that no one else can, how to contact and negotiate with the seller, how to determine the value, how to estimate the repairs easily, how to work with realtors, use proof of funds and all, without ever seeing the house or leaving my desk if I don’t want to. I’ll also learn from the source, how to use Cam’s dirt cheap funding to close my deals. I’ll leave with a step by step action plan for turning vacant (private or bank owned) houses into the fastest easiest paychecks in the business. I may also bring a guest of my choice for FREE*. I only need to pay $199 seat deposit for myself and $99 for my guest. I understand that when I attend the event I’ll receive a full refund for all seat deposit(s) I paid for.


Cam, I want the V.I.P. Package where I’ll get special Front Of The Room Priority Reserved Seating all 3 days. Plus, I will also receive an invitation to Cam’s exclusive VIP (only) cocktail & hors d’oevres party. At this party, I’ll get to spend quality time with Cam and a small group of movers and shakers. This party will be in a private room away from all the activity and will be a rare treat. Then, my guest and I will receive an audio recording of the entire event, for free! The V.I.P. upgrade is only $249 for me and $149 for my guest (non-refundable.) This may already be sold out, so I know I need to register for this right now. I understand that my VIP registration is subject to confirmation of availability.


Where Is This Event Being Held?

The Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit is being held in Chicago, Illinois June 17th-19th, 2016. Once you’ve completed registration, you’ll instantly receive all of the specific hotel and travel information you’ll need to get your travel plans organized.

Note: Hotel information is provided to registered guests only to avoid the possibility of unpaid guests showing up at the last minute. We typically sell out before the event begins, so reserving the specific hotel information for registered guests only allows us to protect the seats of those that reserve ahead of time.

We can assure you that all of our events take place at 4 or 5 star hotels, located within 10-15 minutes or less from major airports and are accompanied by an affordable room rate block that we’ve negotiated ahead of time.

“Thanks for a life changing experience...”

Just a few words to tell you how much I enjoyed and learned from the Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit last weekend. Your presentation and supporting manual was, and is, one of the best! I’ve taught mathematics at a community college for 37 plus years, online courses, published Study Guides, Teacher and Student Solutions Manuals and attended many RE Seminars over the years. So, I pay attention to audience/student response and involvement and manner of presentation. Your concern for individuals, ability to simplify and explain complex material, tell appropriate and very funny life stories to fix a point, all the while paying attention to the needs and background levels of the audience was really exemplary. You also brought a great supporting staff with you - Thanks for what may be a life changing experience for many of us in attendance!


“A world of limitless possibilities. Thank you so much Cam!”

Cameron Dunlap’s training and advice was incredibly helpful in completing my first deal. I did an assignment of contract on a junker and made $19,000! He always answered my questions and gave me the confidence necessary in buying as well as selling the house. Suddenly, all the prospects that I put aside I am now pursuing with gusto knowing that I will be getting bigger and bigger checks going forward! A world of limitless possibilities. Thank you so much Cam!


“I now have a check in my hands for nearly 6 times what I paid!”

Cam, I purchased your iFlip program package around 60 days ago and I now have a check in my hands (from an REO deal) for nearly 6 times what I paid! I couldn’t have done the deal without your proof of funds letter, inner circle support, and iFlip buyer feature. I am looking forward to remaining an inner circle member and a loyal customer.

Brian Reed, Assurance Properties, LLC

“I’m going to make $18k on this and I’ve got a bunch more lined up”

Cameron, I just wanted to let you know that I just got the assignment signed on my first wholesale deal using your IFlip system. It really worked great. I’m going to make $18k on this and I’ve got a bunch more lined up and have made great progress in building a buyers list. iFlip and 1 Day Dough were key components in getting this deal done for me and are paving the way to doing many more deals.

Jerry L. Peterson

“I now have a check for $5,703.00”

I am a brand new investor and I used Cameron Dunlap’s Dough For A Day on my first deal. Everything went very smoothly and I was very happy with the way things worked out. I’m happy to say that I now have a check for $5,703.00 that would not have been possible without transactional funding! Thanks Cam!

Kelly Grenga Charlotte, NC

“I paid 10k for the property and sold it for 18k!”

Hi Cam. I was at your Atlanta Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit a few weeks ago and have already done my first wholesale deal thanks to what I learned while I was there! I paid 10k for the property and sold it for 18k! It only took 4 hours and a drive to the title company because I really wanted to pick up my check in person! Nothing like making over 8k in four hours plus a one hour drive. Thank you!

PS. I never thought the seller would take my 10k offer but like you taught us, I was embarrassed by the offer!

Nic Macrinos